Producer DJ Beth

Την παρακάτω εκπομπή θα επιμελείται και θα παρουσιάζει η Beth απο την μακρινή Florida of USA :



H μουσική εκπομπή "Rocking with the American Girl" θα ειναι μαζι σας στο online rock radio station NOVUS NOTA κάθε ΣΑΒΒΑΤΟ στις 20.00-22.00.

"Rocking with the American Girl" hosted by DJ Beth (the voice of the Rocktime jingles) will be playing an eclectic mix of music from from the 80's to today including rock, punk, metal, alternative and dance.

DJ Beth along with her furry feline assistants Alice and Cooper will be broadcasting live from Florida, USA.

Her show will be in English (with an occasional Greek word thrown in the mix).


online rock radio station – Producer DJ Beth

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